Debra Hope Miller


In 2004, Debra Hope Miller...aka Little Debra, got hooked on the blues and boogie woogie old time piano playing. She emersed herself in the style. Prior to that, she played mainly classical piano and a little jazz.

With her first CD, Cat Walk Boogie and Blues, it is a tribute to old classic blues and boogie woogie piano from the past. The CD title however comes from the Little Debra original piano piece: Cat Walk Boogie.. which can be heard on this site.

Debra is also a composer and singer/songwriter. She writes in many styles. Her composition, Spanish Interlude in G, is a classical composition she composed for piano and had separately orchestrated for piano and ensemble can be heard here.  She's also written a Piano Concerto in Eb Major: The Internal World Symphony and it was orchestrated by her nephew, Tyler Katz and can be heard here as well! And her blues/pop/jazz side can be heard with her songs What is Freedom to Me, The Meaning of Life is Within Every One of Us, and countless other songs she has written.

Much more music to come! Please check out my FB and myspace pages . Please hit LIKE & become a FAN on all my pages! Facebook musician/band page: and . Cat Walk Boogie and Blues CD is available on and now on itunes and other digital downloads.
Thanks for your support! Debra :-)